XBOX 360 HowTo Repair: DVD Disc Drive: Open Tray Error

In this video I show how to clean and repair a DVD drive from an XBOX 360 gaming console.

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37 thoughts on “XBOX 360 HowTo Repair: DVD Disc Drive: Open Tray Error

  1. jonny boy

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  2. bmxkrayons24

    i have a major problem that no video in the past 7 days has been able to help me on. whether I have a disc in my xbox or not, when I turn it on, it buzzes twice spins the disc for 1.5 secs, then stops. the laser lights up twice, during and after the spinning. my xbox is completely apart. I have no tray for the xbox disc drive. ive been able to fix it before by unplugging and replugging all the wires on the xbox. I know its coming from the worm motor for the laser. but idk any ideas?

  3. Vipress70

    Have tried about 20 other supposed fixes THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WORKS. Hands down the best repair video i have found one youtube. Thanks again keep up the good work

  4. Jameson York

    My 360 was having occasional Open Tray errors, fixable by just making it open and close a dozen times until it worked, then suddenly a few weeks ago it went to unending error no matter what I tried. I opened the box to see what drive I had in case I needed a replacement, and thought I would try the 10 cent fix with a q-tip before the $40 new drive version. I watched your video, and it showed me perfectly what I needed to fix, and it works now, first try. Thank you.

  5. Pcdeivis

    If it fixes Error E64? Then I unplug my Dvd The Dashboard is starting, but then I plug the dvd drive back to xbox my xbox show Error E64 it means the Dvd is somthing wrong

  6. pikabko10000

    I do not know how many x-box 360 got a bad drive design. for example move the x-box 360 is busy loading a disc and movement of the hardware even suck as a smudge it will jump the track killing the disc ih have no idea how to fix that

  7. Koxa Kos

    Дибилоид, линза не протирается, а обдувается сильным поток воздуха (компрессором).

  8. oisaggymaggy

    Hiya, I’m just commenting to leave a big thank you. Your video helped me fix my son’s xbox, I just finished putting it back together and it works great – I followed your explanation to the letter. I can’t afford to replace this Xbox yet (im saving for a new one for xmas) so thankfully it will keep my boy quiet for a little bit longer at least. Thanks, Sue x

  9. LuhrRunzRS

    This is not how you fix the error the guy in the video has. His error is from the Motor that moves back and forth on the rods getting stuck against the green board. The green board slowly slants over time and it gets the motor stuck. I cant believe this guy is that dumb tbh.

  10. amandaurke

    Hey so my actually thing keeps opening. As soon as I close it, the thing opens. I’ve cleaned like you demonstrated in the video and now I am out of options if you know something let me know.

  11. Edwin Kelly

    Good video. Easy to understand. One problem for me: I can”t pull the tray out more than 2″. Suggestions?

  12. skypiratecaptain

    no, the motherboard is specific and will lock you out permanently if it doesn’t go back in

  13. Jessica Helgesen

    You’re replacing your disc drive not repairing it. Title your video better. Thank you.

  14. TOALEWA466

    That’s because each Xbox 360 console is tethered to the specific disc drive board it came with. That’s why the board from the stock drive needs to be replaced as well.

  15. TOALEWA466

    because each Xbox 360 console is tethered to the specific disc drive board it came with. That’s why it needs to be replaced as well.

  16. TOALEWA466

    no, because each Xbox 360 console is tethered to the specific disc drive board it came with. That’s why it needs to be replaced as well.

  17. Wire ReK

    hi I have a question for you okay so I got a Phillips and benQ disc drive and it does not read any game because my oldest drive did not work so i bought that one and it doesn’t read any games should i take out the green thing and put it in my new one ?

  18. frozenhobo92

    if anybody has the older consoles,all you have to do is clean the laser.well that worked for me atleast.use a Q tip

  19. Guhjkl4

    This may help if you don’t feel like doing any work and don’t mind paying a bit more money as well as waiting half a month.
    Go to tinyurl(dot)com and paste /cujv97s. Its a link to the Xbox repair page

  20. holland h

    realy you should be ableded to just download the fucking drivers of the other fucking disc drive but no.


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